Thursday, December 3, 2009

December the 2nd...

I know, I know, I'm a day late but didn't have time to edit the images :)

I guess handicapped are still at work...

What's that? A parking lot? Nope... just cheap people trying to avoid paying the parking fee. Speaking of avoidance and how the local... enforcements and toe-trucks do their jobs, check out the next avoidance:

Speaking of jackasses, check out the next assholes, blocking the "turn-right" lane:

Hmm... what is the best place to stop and talk with your friends? Right! In the middle of the traffic!

Finally, let's take a look on some... intelligent parking and lack of common sense when it comes to others... by the way, I'd like to thank the Police and other law-enfocement representatives, whiche were not seen on the premises for the two hours in which those photos were shot. Good job, assholes!

Oh, one last "thank you" to Radio Prahova which proudly promotes bad driving in local public transportation. How many lanes do you think this bus was over? He started turning left, by the way, about 20 meters back from its current position.

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